Replace the most critical and unreliable part of your laserdisc game!
Created by the DAPHNE team.

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What is Dexter and why would I want one?


1240/1241 units (871/872 orders) shipped!

Learn how to use Dexter: click here

To switch disc images and get updates, download Dexter Manager:

Windows Download Windows 10/7/XP (32-bit, compatible with 64-bit Windows).
MacOS Download MacOS SDK 10.11, x64. Tested on Big Sur.

"DEXTER is probably the Best Laser Disc Game Interface Device ever made. Period!" --Tony M. Victorino, 27 Aug 2015

"I give the DEXTER an A+++" --Brad "Bard" Oldham, 16 Aug 2015

"When you look back at all we spent on discs and players Dexter is a powerful bang for the buck." --ginazz, 11 Sep 2015

"I ... personally own 4 of the Dexter prototypes ... each one has exceeded my expectations." --Tony Yao, 12 Jan 2016